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Butterflies (Soubi Agatsuma X reader)
Ok so small spoiler alert for those who have only watched the anime and didn't read the manga. Proceed at your own risk.
 It was one of those days. It was cold, rainy and everything went wrong. You just wanted to get home and end the day with a nice relaxing bath. On your way home a passing car splashed the water of one of the many puddles next to the sidewalk on your pants.
- Great. Just perfect. You hissed annoyed.
 Arriving in front of the building your apartment was, you got out your keys to open the door but the wind yanked the umbrella out of your hand as you weren't holding to it that tight while searching for the keys in your backpack. When you turned around to pick it up you saw someone sitting in the bus station that was just across the street.
- I'd better tell him the bus isn't coming anymore at this hour. You said to yourself
 It was fairly late, way past th
:iconkhaylinasong:KhaylinaSong 1 0
 "Are you awake?" once again the voice inside of me speaks. "What do you want this time?" I ask annoyed. "I can't sleep. Tell me a story." I sigh and agree to grant its wish.
 "There are four seasons in one's life, which chase each other, never meeting, just arriving to bid farewell one to another." "What about your life?" the voice asks. "In which season are you dwelling now?"
 "You are part of me. Why must you ask such a dumb question?" but the voice won't reply. Once again I sigh and I continue my story.
 "Spring. The season where all new things take birth. Love, hate, passion, despair. The trees bloom, the birds are singing their beautiful songs. The sun is warming the cold sleeping earth. Everything begins in spring.
  The summer...the summer is hat time of your life when the tables can turn from a second to another. Sunny days turn into perfect storms, love turns to hate, sadness into happiness, peace into despair. All the things that were born in the spr
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Needles (Yu Kanda x Reader)
 The train was racing fast trough the woods, the sun was shining and you were already bored of this trip. Your partner was snoozing next to you with his head leaned on your shoulder. You left out a small sight and rested your head lazily in the fist of your cold hand, looking out the window at the never ending forest.
 - Are we there yet? you whispered to yourself bored.
 - No. Your partner whispered back to you on a low tone.
 - I thought you were sleeping.
 - How can I sleep when you keep moving around as if you are sitting on needles? He continued with his eyes closed slightly irritated.
 - No one asked you to lean your head against my shoulder. You said while pouting.
 You and your partner, Yu Kanda, were quite alike when it would come down to battle, training or simply relaxing, yet your personalities were opposite. He would always leave feelings aside when taking any decision, you on the other hand would take the rational decision taking in cons
:iconkhaylinasong:KhaylinaSong 2 0
Veni, vidi, vici
  I am dancing with the Devil. A deadly but gracious waltz of death. His grip is strong, his eyes of infinite depth, a world in which i see despair and suffering...his smile...quite charming.
  We dance on a two edged knife tilting between sharp and blunt but never touching them. Step by step we get closer. I let him guide me trough his world of despair and he allows me to see more and more of it.
  His world is fascinating: despair, anguish, sorrow, hatred, greed, gluttony, lust. So many bad things yet so beautiful. I smile and i say to myself: "The Devil...such a broken world yet such an innocent face".
  We slowly stop and he embraces me..."Death's embrace" I could name it. I can fell its warmness, his sweet scent makes me dizzy. Our cheeks touch and the next thing I know is that I am kissing the Devil. A long and passionate kiss. The taste of his lips and their softness, his way of kissing and his gentle touch...every and each one of them make me fall in love wi
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Deep sea Nami by KhaylinaSong Deep sea Nami :iconkhaylinasong:KhaylinaSong 1 0 Chibi Ahri by KhaylinaSong Chibi Ahri :iconkhaylinasong:KhaylinaSong 9 0 Sasuke by KhaylinaSong Sasuke :iconkhaylinasong:KhaylinaSong 4 0 Black wings by KhaylinaSong Black wings :iconkhaylinasong:KhaylinaSong 2 0


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